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Youth Voice

Hear From Our Youth Leaders

During our Journey, youth leaders participate in youth forums to discuss their experiences with but not limited to, different ism's, social norms, mental health, and cultural differences and similarities. Hear first hand how their participation in A Leadership Journey has impacted them.


  • Keondre
    ALJ gave me the opportunity to lead activities with learners, & in return, we were able to participate in activities that they prepared. This kind of cultural exchange helped me understand just how much we had in common. We were able to sit down with community members, these meaningful conversations and interactions have left an impact on me.
  • Caleb
    This trip has been something that I can reflect on with the people I hang around, I hope to inspire them to not take everything for granted.
  • Mia
    I learned a lot more than I expected about the similarities between the two countries, struggling against the artificial barriers that race and money create. Artificial barriers that don’t allow access to healthcare for all, access to education, employment, or housing.
  • Myles
    I gained a new perspective on the definition of the word community. I use to think it was a group of people sharing/living in one space, but now I know it's more than that
  • Arielle
    This Journey facilitated my growth as a person and as a leader. I gained confidence by allowing myself to be vulnerable in positions and speaking on personal experiences.
  • Amir
    Without A Leadership Journey, I would not have taken my first step to leave the country
  • Barbara
    In retrospect, I truly do feel as if I learned more about myself through this experience than anything else. This journey caused me to do a deeper dive into self.
  • Brandon
    Being able to go on this journey, in a new, and unfamiliar terrain, has helped me thoroughly comprehend the world at large.
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