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Moccasin Immersion Program - Expenses and Application


The value of this program: $8,000 per youth

Flight $1,500
Lodging $550
Transportation $250
Meal plan: $1,125
$15.00 a day
Insurance, Passport, Luggage: $325
Personal: $250


Ages 13-18 


To earn the opportunity to participate in A Leadership Journey, please complete the application form following the steps below.


  1. Download the application for youth to travel by clicking here.
  2. Fill out/complete the entire application.
  3. Complete, scan and submit Page 1 (contact and parent info) of your application via our Contact Form.
  4. Essay Questions: Please Write/Type out your essay answers to each question and share them with A Leadership Journey via attaching the file via our Contact Form.
  5. Once your application was received, you will receive a confirmation email.
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