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Educational Leadership Program

A Leadership Journey offers several youth leadership programs to BIPOC youth ages 13-18.


Our Educational Leadership Program uncovers what it means to be actively involved in a community, and the importance of prioritizing mental and emotional wellness. 

The Educational Leadership Program consists of:

  • 35+ interactive educational leadership sessions from August – May.
  • Youth and professional led sessions and workshops, including themes of racial justice, self-care, as well as mental, emotional, physical, and financial health & wellness.
  • Youth will implement learning into a research project.

Our Educational Leadership Program runs 3 - 4 Saturdays a month, for 3 hours each, over the course of 10 months. These educational sessions are led by youth leaders and professionals in the field. While participating in the ELP, ALJ youth can apply to the Cultural Education & Exploration Program (CEEP), our unique study abroad opportunity.


Through this youth leadership program, we seek to prepare youth participants to serve, and support their communities as advocates, while understanding the importance of prioritizing their health.


  • ELP consists of but is not limited to 36 educational sessions throughout the course of the year, every year that a youth leader participates. 
  • Educational sessions occur 3 Saturdays a month, for 3 hours each. That’s a minimum of 100 educational hours invested during the year.
  • During these educational sessions, youth leaders are leading and facilitating our learning on themes that involve racial and social justice, systematic racism, systematic oppression and more.
  • When youth leaders are not leading our sessions, they are led by professionals who facilitate conversations that align with our curriculum and provide perspective to what students have been discussing. 
  • We provide 10 – 15 interactive, hands-on health & wellness activities during the course of the year - promoting, affirming, and encouraging student’s self-care habits and routine. 
  • Our middle and high school youth leaders will end their year with a portfolio that consists of research and learning.


  • Participants receive tuition to Brown University Pre-College Program, where they can earn college credits, a full semester’s worth before they graduate high school.
  • Students produce up to 5 years of valuable portfolio work while developing strong college applications or a post high school resume. 
  • Youth participating in ELP can apply to the CEEP study abroad opportunity.
  • Youth leaders become more civically engaged, see the value of global citizenship, and become social and racial justice advocates for a more just world. 
  • Youth leaders become more self-aware, self-assured, and self-confident, and begin to lead with and practice Ubuntu. 
  • Youth leaders strengthen skills such as: public speaking, facilitation, analytics/critical thinking skills, and research skills.
  • Youth leaders create and begin implementing healthier self-care practices that support their health and wellness. 

For information on ELP Expenses
and how to apply, visit here.

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