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Moccasin Immersion Program

This program is a 3 month immersion program that takes place over the course of the summer. During this program we collaborate and partner with local community organizations/schools, and affiliates to offer 3 months worth of daily interactive educational, linguistic and cultural immersion. Youth participants get the opportunity to network, connect with, and learn from a host family and a variety of a native experiences.

Our goal

To bridge cultural bridges; To promote ubuntu; to connect our youth participants with their brothers and sisters abroad; to provide youth participants with an opportunity to gain a deeper global cultural perspective. Youth who participate in this program will walk away gaining the necessary insight on why it is important to be civically engaged; to leave with a stronger understanding of cultural similarities/differences,a historical understanding of the country and the social and or racial challenges youth and communities of the diaspora face.

How do we meet our goal

  • By financially covering the expenses for youth participants to experience the full 3
  • Collaborating & Partnering with the host family to provide an educational and cultural
  • Collaborating & partnering with community organizations, schools and universities to
    provide an educational and cultural experience.
  • Youth participants share their experience through our blog.
  • Participants provide a portfolio of their experience.
  • Participants completing an end of the program survey.

The value of this program

  • Youth leaders strengthen their understanding of cultural similarities and differences
  • Youth leaders become more consciously aware of the importance of being civilly
  • Youth leaders become more civically engaged
  • Youth leaders become social and racial justice advocates
  • Youth leaders become more self aware, self assured, self confident
  • Youth leaders begin to lead with and practice ubuntu
  • Youth leaders see the value of global citizenship
  • They produce 3 months of portfolio work and research
  • They develop a strong college application/post high school resume
  • Youth leaders strengthen their understanding of cultural similarities and differences
  • Youth leaders gain a broader perspective and worldview.
  • Youth leaders expand their network

For information on Moccasin Immersion Program Expenses and how to apply, visit here.

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