P.O. Box 29163
Providence, RI 02909

Unbuntu Summer Program

Our enriching program happens every Saturday from June to August, offering engaging hands-on educational activities. We provide the spaces for youth to dive into interactive health and wellness sessions, which foster healthier self-care habits.

Our Goal

To help youth participants prioritize their health by implementing healthier self care habits.

How do we meet our goal

  • Introduce youth to a range of tools and wellness activities including physical fitness, meditation, nutrition, and artistic expression.
  • Youth participants create a self care routine for their own use.
  • We collaborate with local health professionals to facilitate each activity, ensuring a high standard of expertise and guidance.

Program Values:

  • Youth gain a deep understanding of the importance of health and wellness.
  • Youth develop healthier self-care habits promoting overall well-being.
  • Youth acquire essential skills to manage anxiety, stress, and depression in a healthier manner.
  • This program could save a life

For information on Unbuntu Summer Program and how to apply, visit here.

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