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Unbuntu Summer Program

This program is a 12 week program that takes place every saturday over the course of 12 weeks from July to September. During this program we offer hands-on educational & interactive health and wellness activities promoting healthier self care habits.

Our Goal

To help youth participants prioritize their health by implementing healthier self care habits.

How do we meet our goal

  • By exposing youth participants to the tools, resources, and wellness activities throughout the program. These activities consist of but are not limited to, physical fitness, meditation, nutritious health, and artistic expression.
  • Youth participants submit a self care routine for their own use.
  • We partner and collaborate with health professionals both local and nationally to
    facilitate each activity.

The value of this program

  • Youth participants learn the value of health and wellness.
  • Youth participants create a healthier self care routine.
  • Youth participants learn how to manage anxiety, stress and depression healthier
  • This program could save a life

For information on Unbuntu Summer Program Expenses and how to apply, visit here.

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