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What I have experienced in South Africa was love, genuine love. There was a sense of community there that puts a neighborhood fish fry to shame! I aim to bring back the life within people just as the people of South Africa did to me.

In retrospect, I truly do feel as if I learned more about myself through this experience than anything else. This journey caused me to deep dive into myself. Whether it be to check my mannerisms or by giving me an opportunity to get past my pride and communicate with others.

South Africa reminded me of home. It brought me back to reality, it showed me that I do have a home base, and that is my people. No matter where I am, I will always have my people.

Being one of the oldest members attending the leadership journey trip, it allowed me space to truly be a mentor to the others on the trip. But also gave me room to be a mentee under the guidance of the actual leaders. A leadership journey challenged my previous leadership abilities, pushing me to become a better version of myself.

All in all, I believe that change is not made solely in one region of the world. But it is a domino effect, all it takes is one person to create a generational mandate am

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