Akeem Lloyd


I am excited for the opportunities that A Leadership Journey will give to young people across the United States. Their commitment to become the best version of themselves is our commitment to help them.

Akeem was born in Brooklyn, New York; he grew up and was raised in Atlantic City, NJ. His grandparents instilled in him the importance of service, his teachers and mentors helped him understand his role in it. 

He received his B.A in African American Studies from Rutgers University-Camden Campus. He continued his education at Temple University where he earned his Master's in Urban Education, focusing on Youth Development. 


Maya Francis

Vice President

I am excited for the young people who will participate in A Leadership Journey because I know it will be a life changing experience for them. Submerging yourself in another culture with such rich history and strength encourages self reflection and  a form of inner beauty rarely seen or experienced.


Maya double Majored in Communication and Psychology at Florida State University where she graduated with a Bachelors of Art. Recently she earned her Masters in Business Administration with a Certificate in Project Management from Webster University. Maya is a proud Member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and Jacksonville Urban League. 

Hagar Fine

Director, Strategic Planning and Growth

I'm most excited about empowering young people to influence and bring change through this unique learning experience.

Hagar has a degree in Security and Strategy with a specialization in Social Leadership. She had founded a non-profit that focused on student partnerships and is now overseeing physical security strategy at Target Corporation. She is active in her community and is excited to bring that passion to help develop young leaders in multiple communities.

Justin Coleman


This is a chance that can enhance the development of how young people engage their world views and goals that they set for themselves in the years to come. Changing a legacy while actually creating one at the same time is rare to come by.

Justin received his Bachelor of Science-Finance, from Rutgers University. After moving back to his home state of Connecticut, he continued to grow his academic portfolio by earning two Masters, a Masters in Business Administration, and a Masters in Accounting & Taxation, both from the University of Hartford.

Elizabeth Laguerre-Robillard


When I first heard about the ALJ program, I was instantly captivated by the intentionality and mission of the organization. Providing a space for young people to explore their identity and personhood coupled with the opportunity to engage in conversation and experiences with other cultures and people from around the world—and especially from the African diaspora—allows them to build meaning and embrace their full selves while gaining skills to help them operate in a global society. The impact of such experiences have rippling effects that can drastically alter their life trajectory, putting them on a pathway to becoming more enlightened, critically conscious people.  Having the opportunity to engage in this work and have a hand in improving outcomes for youth is not something I take lightly. I am excited to fully commit and engage in the good work this organization is already doing.

Elizabeth Laguerre-Robillard is a proud native daughter of Providence. She attended Providence public schools throughout her life and always had an interest in the field of education. After graduating from Mount Holyoke College, where she received her undergraduate degree in English and African American Studies, she became an educator teaching at Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy (BVP). She remained a classroom teacher & teacher leader at BVP for 5 years. Now, she partners with schools and teachers as a Manager of Teacher Leadership Development at Teach for America. In this role, she provides educators with the coaching and support needed to be successful in the classroom, ultimately benefiting the students & communities they serve. When not working, she loves being around her lively Haitian family or spending time with her husband and son.

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