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To earn the opportunity to participate in A Leadership Journey, please complete the application form by clicking the link above.


1) Download the application

2) Fill/complete the entire application

3) Complete, Scan and email page 1 (contact and parent info) of your application to:

4) Essay Questions: Please Write/Type out your essay answers to each question and share them via email

4a) If you have google drive, please share your answers via google drive. If you don't have google drive, please see above

5) Once your application was received , you will receive a confirmation email.

To Qualify to apply:

1) Must be ages 13-18 (or in 7th grade-12th grade)

2) Should have a 1.5 gpa or better

3) Should have a D or better in Math or Literacy 

Join Our Support Team:

By providing your name and email, you will be one step closer to potentially joining our adult team of visionaries and do'ers  

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