A Leadership Journey


To provide students of color ages 13-18 from marginalized identities equitable access to international & domestic cultural exploration through travel, utilizing travel as the vehicle to discuss the importance of mental & emotional wellness, global citizenship, self awareness, leadership and ubuntu 


  • A Leadership Journey sits on Four big values, Equity, Access, Mental Health & Education.

  • Equity: Because financial disparities hinder youth from marginalized identities and from vulnerable backgrounds from being able to afford these kind of cultural exploration opportunities. 

  • Access: Youth from marginalized identities and from vulnerable backgrounds don’t always have access to these opportunities because they don’t always have the financial resources and or the opportunity isn’t local.

  • Mental and emotional health: Whether PTSD, personal or environmental stress, youth from marginalized identities and vulnerable backgrounds experience a high amount of stress which impacts how they see themselves, feel about themselves, how they see their opportunities, how they feel about their opportunities and or life in general.

  • Education: We understand that learning takes form in different ways, it is through diverse educational experiences that creates a diverse educational background


In America, people are infatuated with the ideas of individuality, similarity, and narcissism. Although many people have good intentions, it is hard to escape vices such as these, in my opinion. In my experiences, in general, people lack the necessary empathy which is necessary in the healthy progression of any community.

- Student Leader


501 (c)(3)

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Leadership Journey

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